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Hosting AWS Outpost for you

Do you need AWS services locally in Switzerland? Together with AWS we are offering a Managed AWS Outpost deployment(s) with direct connectivity back to an AWS Region (currently Frankfurt, eu-central-1, soon Ireland).

What does AWS outpost provide?

As many companies and ISV's various requirements to host their own infrastructure, much of that cost is not directly related to the core business of the company and its customers. Also the knowledge to run such a complex deployment becomes a burden. Another limiting factor is certain requirements that data residence is addressed. Outpost is about solving that and reducing both the cost and operational complexity of managing such in-house solutions.

At 56K.Cloud we are bringing the solution closer to you but with the added benefit of regional co-location in Switzerland. Below is is a detailed look at how that solution could look like.

There are three areas, "Co-Location, a connectivity hub and AWS Public region" Looking at the Co-Location where an AWS Outpost rack(s) would be placed is strategically located in a carrier-neutral datacenter in Zurich. The location would offer a rich connectivity to many transit and local ISP providers along with access to managed LAN access services such as "Swisscom LAN-I".

The box on the right is the AWS region(s) located in both Dublin, Ireland and Frankfurt, Germany. Connectivity back to these regions is by means of AWS Direct Connect, a private MPLS connectivity that can offer up to 40Gbps dedicated and low latency. For example a recent deployment we did from Zurich to Frankfurt was 9~12ms of latency from the customer internal LAN into the private cloud deployment (VPC) at Frankfurt AWS (eu-central-1)

Currently we are looking for possible use cases for new customers, ISPs and our existing customers to build up a POC/MVP working example of a hybrid cloud deployment, focused on keeping your data in Switzerland while benefiting from AWS advanced features such a RDS, EKS (Kubernetes), S3 Block storage and of course the dynamic automation that comes with AWS.

We'll be publishing a few blogs posts on the AWS Outpost topic to help bring up the knowledge of this service across the Swiss IT community.

Feel free to reach out to us and AWS to learn more and understand how we can enable both cloud and on-prem cloud technologies in your organisation.


AWS Product Page https://aws.amazon.com/outposts/features/Recent Talk by AWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoUGj5qc_Pc

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