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Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19

We at 56K.Cloud, a remote focused and distributed company, have implemented the following objectives and responsibilities which support our COVID-19 continuity plan. We are sharing this information as part of a broader effort to ensure business continuity during this time in the hope that our plan can benefit others and how the tools and processes we use enable our team, customers, and partners.

Our top priority is the safety and health of our employees, customers, and partners.

As our employees Work From Home and distributed, we inherently avoid obstacles that otherwise classic office-based companies currently face with creating new policies for Work From Home and Remote working in the wake of COVID-19. 56K.Cloud has years of experience working in a remote context and utilize proven processes and tools that support remote working and collaboration.

Change of Operations

  • Work From Home or an environment isolated from social contact.
  • No in-person meetings and minimize social contact.
  • Avoid traveling on public transportation.
  • Not to visit 56K office(s) unless working there alone, in isolation.
  • Inform clients that our employees are not required to be on-site or engage in-person for any reason. All business operations must happen online and over the telephone.
  • Cancellation in-person events and change to an online webinar format.
  • Cancellation of any oversee's trips.
  • Ensure that everyone has a professional and decent headset, one that is easily cleanable and with exchangeable pads.
  • Continuously advising all our employee's to follow the recommendations state buy the Federal Office of Public Health https://foph-coronavirus.ch/

Tools and Services we use and their relative continuity plan


Our insurance policies covers the following:

  • Entrepreneur Insurance
  • Accident and Illness Insurance (extends the mandatory requirements)
  • Invalid liability insurance, in case one of our employee's become sick, and unable to work, both there salary and the loss of business cost is insured, with that we are in a position to temporary scale up an external resource.

As we are continually assessing the situation both in Switzerland and abroad, this post will provide updates to any improvements and changes we make. We wish all our vendors, customers and employee's a safe time over the next few months as we prepare for a both challenging and dynamic time.

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Darragh Grealish

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