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Branding a Tech Company to non-Tech

Why we branded 56K.Cloud

Initially we didn’t have a logo, I drew up something with a black background that was enough for daily business, having been involved in branding in the past and understanding the value and purpose of it. At the time, we didn’t need a strong public presence. In the early days of 56K, we were sharing an office in a s    mall co-working office "Kontor3" in Winterthur. Two designers became inspired by our work and proposed to brand the company. Jon Glarbo (portfolio) and Andreas Schenkel presented a short brief, and Brian and I were hooked, so we let them concept up a new logo, business cards, and briefs.

What we received was inspiring! People liked the logo, colours, typescript, and business cards.  Here are a few shots of that earlier design work.

We knew a website was in the pipeline, but we also wanted to complete a lot of the strategy work we had done to build a "single message." A message in which new and existing customers could relate. Cloud is a relatively new topic in the broader scope of industries out there. Not everyone is up to speed and needs coaching, and a learning experience to understand the value for their organisation and customers. It's an applied effort and not a "Solution in a box". Transforming one's business in the Cloud is a vastly new process. Hence, we are there to guide and support our partners and customers in their Cloud Journey.

Realising this work, we engaged Julien and Diego from Studio Voila; after they related well to the existing work and presented how they could further inspire our vision. Next, we engaged Studio Voila to build out a few illustrations, extending the colour scheme, fonts, and website layout. After a few months of work and a lot of investment on both sides, we are happy with the results. It presents well a refreshing and dynamic brand that builds on the changing technology we see today in the Cloud!

More to come on our blog about our branding story over the next few months.

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Darragh Grealish

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