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Arm DevSummit 2020 - just around the corner; Parsec, Cilium and Docker

In just under two weeks, on 6th-8th October 2020, Arm DevSummit 2020 (formally known as Arm TechCon) will be running a three-day, fully online, virtual event. Check out this array of awesome topics, across these 8 tracks- AI in the Real World: From Development to Deployment- Building the Internet of things- Chip Design Methodology - Cloud Native Developer Experience- Creating the Next Generation of Interactive Experiences- Infrastructure of Modern Computing- Tech for Global Goals- The Journey to Autonomous

Across these 8 tracks, there will be 200 speakers presenting across 100 talks/workshops/and panel discussions. It's a packed agenda, but we've shortlisted a few talks that we think should not be missed. We are also connected to a few of the topics and people in these talks too, as I joined the ARM Innovator Program earlier this year, you can find me here. Our work at 56K.Cloud shares a lot of the values that Arm is pushing in the industry, and soon after 56K.Cloud joined as an ecosystem partner, along with Docker, Mirantis, Parsec, AWS, and many more.

Now, what’s exciting about Arm DevSummit, formally known as Arm TechCon, this year has got a different name, and rightly so as the majority of the content is focused on developers. From chip designers, system architects, embedded systems developers to cloud engineers and beyond, there is something at this event for everyone! There is even a large business track as well. To quote Simon Segars, Chief Executive Officer at Arm:

“Arm DevSummit is a new kind of hands-on and minds-on technology event. It’s built around the notion of connections; connecting global communities of software developers and hardware engineers across all fields in one forum so everyone learns and collaborates, helping to create an even more successful future for everyone.”

Simon Segars, Chief Executive Officer, Arm

The content is of high quality, rich in content and well consolidated. There is also a huge effort to deliver a broadcast quality experience, take a moment to see Volkswagon VP recording his keynote:

But lets look a should you check out, we want to highlight three talks from Parsec, Cilium and Edge Impulse. With a packed agenda, be sure to shortlist them!Cloud Native Networking and Service Mesh: KubeEdge/Istio/Envoy/CiliumCilium is an open-source project lead by the people at Isovalent, André Martins along with Arm and Tetrate will be speaking at Arm DevSummit. They take a very distributed application and demonstrate how Kubernetes (KubeEdge) can be used on the edge with Cilium. Cilium make eBPF/BPF features of the kernel more accessible to developers.

Cloud Native Development with Docker deployed on ArmJustin Cormack from Docker and Marc Meunier from Arm will be speaking about PARSEC. This talk will outline how PARSEC is solving the developer experience across multi-chip security abstraction. The project also joined the CNCF Sandbox earlier this year, and you can learn about this by exploring the Arm Community Blog published here. Follow this link to add this add this talk to your agenda:

Simplified Deep Learning Using an OpenMV Cam, Edge Impulse & an ArduinoThis is one to see, Edge Impulse and OpenMV is disrupting the ML Space with a more accessible way to develop machine learning solutions from your web browser with connected devices.

There are other talks around 5G and IoT, these are also very interesting is an ecosystem partner of Arm, and we’ve been close to the development of some of the talks you will see in the coming weeks, and we are looking forward to also attending the event.

The free conference pass will enable you to access all the keynotes, technical sessions, panel discussions, office hours, community forums, networking opportunities, a hand full of free workshops, and much more.

Enjoyed learning about our work and values, If you'd like to know more 56K.Cloud and of course the benefits of Cloud Adoption, Containers and DevOps Automation, IoT, and 5G, feel free to reach out to info@56K.Cloud to learn more about our services, development, training and solutions.


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