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We are tech visionaries with roots in embedded systems, networking and cloud.

Why 56K.Cloud?
Our vision as AWS Advanced partners is to foster innovation through automation, leveraging the synergy of experience and best practices from past projects. We are committed to providing clear, concise, and timeless solutions. By using the best technologies and services available on the market, we not only improve project outcomes but also ensure that each project we undertake benefits from the cumulative knowledge and expertise of our team.
Cloud migration and modernization

Our vast expertise in cloud migration and workload optimization spans diverse projects and industries. We've distilled this knowledge into powerful solutions, empowering you to navigate the cloud swiftly, capitalizing on our thousands of hours invested.

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Cloud native application development

Transform your application development paradigm with our cloud-native approach. It boosts efficiency, slashes costs, and guarantees robust availability. Agile methods, microservices, and cutting-edge automation promise innovation that surpasses traditional approaches.

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Consulting and training

At 56K.Cloud, our training philosophy is clear: practicality rules. Dive into hands-on learning, grounded in real-world scenarios customized to your environment—be it cloud, applications, or specific business cases. We partner closely to deliver bespoke solutions that perfectly align with your unique needs.

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Our solutions

Explore our cutting-edge cloud solutions designed to address your unique challenges and drive growth. We provide scalable, secure, and efficient solutions to propel your business forward in the digital age.

Platform engineering

Platform Engineering is at the heart of modern businesses. We design, build, and optimize scalable platforms tailored to your needs. Maximize efficiency, scalability, and reliability. With our expertise, your platform will be the foundation for your success.

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Edge IoT

Leverage the power of AWS IoT for unparalleled edge device management, real-time data processing, and secure, intelligent operations. Transform your business with smart IoT solutions.

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Generative AI

Dive into the world of Generative AI and unlock unprecedented creative potential. Our solutions leverage AI algorithms to generate content, designs, and ideas. Enhance productivity, streamline content creation, and discover new horizons in innovation with Generative AI.

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