56K.Cloud Launches theByte.io Training Platform

Earlier this year, we started transforming our training offering. During the time of COVID-19, our in-person training and workshops were put on hold. So we decided to pivot our efforts and create an online training platform, "theByte.io" training brand, lead by Brian Christner, Co-Founder of 56K.Cloud and instructor. As a Docker Captain and Traefik ambassador this makes a perfect match to translate my training skills over a new medium that is both more accessible and allows us to scale during these challenging times.

theByte Platform

We've created a personalised user experience, that uses a Learning Management System underneath to enable, self-paced sessions, Q/A, downloadable learning material and technical walk-through.

Training Portal

Traefik Training:Each course and separate modules, where you can start from any point in the course and jump back on certain content that you wish to use as a reference in your future projects. It's very flexible and at each stage of your learning experiences you can open up a Q/A dialog, along with comment sections below. Other users on the same course can see the instructor response to comments too.

Example of content

The SalesPlaybook founder Manuel Hartman inspired us to create a SaaS offering based on our current in-person training program to expand our training offering. What started as an experiment turned into its very own brand, theByte.io. The idea is to bring our experience from teaching in-person and at large conferences and bring the same value to our online learning platform through labs based on real-world production deployments and direct collaboration with the instructor.

As an instructor, open-source enthusiast, and someone passionate about knowledge-sharing, theByte.io is an extension of my passion. Being able to help more people learn about technology and lower the barrier of entry to topics such as Cloud Native is truly inspiring.

This week we are happy to announce the official launch of theByte.io platform.  The launch includes our first course, "The Complete Treaefik Training Course," in partnership with 56K.Cloud, Containous (The company behind Traefik), SalesPlaybook, and the Traefik community. Our first course is the first of many courses to come, and we are excited in the direction we want to go with the platform. theByte doesn't stop with just a single course. We plan on extending the knowledge sharing to include YouTube Live sessions, blog posts, and theByte podcast to do live Q&A sessions, deep-dives, and discuss new technologies.

If you want to learn more about TheSalesPlaybook, how we have been working together with Manuel and his team, check out our recent blog post where we cover that relationship.

Enjoyed learning about our work and values, If you'd like to know more 56K.Cloud and of course the benefits of Cloud Adoption, Containers and DevOps Automation, IoT, and 5G, feel free to reach out to info@56K.Cloud to learn more about our services, development, training and solutions.


Brian Christner

Brian Christner hails from Arizona but now resides in the Alps of Switzerland. Brian is a nominated member of the Docker Captain’s program and specializes in converting coffee into containers.

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